Department of Plant Pathology Partnership with Bayer CropScience for Graduate Students



The Department of Plant Pathology entered into a new partnership in graduate education with Bayer CropScience by creating the Bayer CropScience Fellowship for Graduate students. We welcome applicants for the fellowship. The goal is to employ the best of both worlds creating a graduate training program that prepares students for success in private industry. The student’s research program will be of mutual interest to Bayer and the NCSU faculty member, an adjunct faculty member from Bayer will be on the mentoring committee and the student will spend a minimum of three months as an intern at Bayer CropScience.

Present for the signing: (Seated) Dr. Mark Parrish (Director of Herbicide, Trait, and PGR Development, Bayer CropScience); (From left to right) Dr. David Monks (Interim Associate Dean and Director of the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, NCSU); Dr. Eric Davis (Williams Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor and Director of Graduate Programs - Department of Plant Pathology, NCSU); Dr. James Moyer (Department Head and Professor of Plant Pathology - NCSU); Dr. Richard Linton (Dean of CALS, NCSU); Dr. Mike Schwarz (Bayer CropScience); Dr. Sam Pardue (CALS Interim Associate Dean and Director, NCSU).