Marci Walker, Assistant to the Department Head, (919) 515-6498

Wendy Koch, Business Services Coordinator, (919) 515-6677

Jane Dove Long, Graduate Services Coordinator, (919) 513-1343

Bryan Cody, Academic Support & Facilities Manager, (919) 515-6695


Whom do I contact about…?

Computing Problems OIT Help Desk (
Deposits Wendy Koch
Financials and Account Set-Up Wendy Koch
Financials – Contracts & Grants (5-Accounts) CALS Contracts & Grants
Graduate Program/Students Jane Dove Long
Hiring – EPA & SPA Marci Walker
Hiring – Graduate Students Jane Dove Long
Hiring – Bi-weekly Angela Oldham ( – CALS
Invoices Wendy Koch
Keys Bryan Cody
Learning Technology (Moodle, Blackboard, WolfWare) Delta – Learning Technologies Services
Leave – Sick/Annual/FMLA Jane Dove Long
Marketplace Eric Shiflett (
Mediasite || Mediasite Resources
News – Items of Interest for Dept. Website & Website Content Bryan Cody/Jane Dove Long
P-Card Purchases Marci Walker/Wendy Koch/Jane Dove Long
P-Card Questions P-Card Services Staff
Safety Programs CALS Safety Programs
SAR Requests Marci Walker
Salary distribution changes – EPA & SPA Wendy Koch
Salary distribution changes – Graduate Students Wendy Koch
Scheduling Room GA 1405, 1406, 1418 Marci Walker/Wendy Koch/Jane Dove Long
Scheduling – Graduate Courses Bryan Cody
Shipping – Departmental Call your preferred postal carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL)
Surplus Bryan Cody
Telephone Problems Bryan Cody
Temporary Loading Zone Pass Bryan Cody
Timesheets – Biweekly Jane Dove Long
Timesheets – SPA Jane Dove Long
Travel Authorization Set-Up Christine Brownfield  ( – CALS Business Center
Travel Questions Christine Brownfield  ( – CALS Business Center
Travel Reimbursements Christine Brownfield || Travel Reimbursement Form
Vehicle (Insurance, Gas, and other Information) Bryan Cody
Visas (J-1/H-1B) Marci Walker