Dr. Mary Hausbeck – Rosie Perez Memorial Seminar 2015

Lucky Mehra presenting the Rosie Perez Memorial Seminar 2015 Award to Dr Mary Hausbeck
Dr Mary Hausbeck – Rosie Perez Memorial Seminar 2015

Recording of the seminar

Lucky Mehra, current President of the NCSU Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association, presents a commemorative plaque to Dr. Mary Hausbeck of Michigan State University for her invited presentation at the annual Rosie Perez Memorial Seminar. This graduate student-sponsored seminar is named in honor of a former student in NCSU Plant Pathology, the late Rosie Perez. The Plant Pathology graduate students deliberate on the choice of speaker every year, and this year Dr, Hausbeck was chosen to present based upon her outstanding faculty career as a vegetable and ornamental extension plant pathologist at MSU. Dr. Hausbeck is a Professor in the Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences that has earned a Distinguished Faculty Award from the MSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association, the Alex Laurie Award from the Society of American Florists, the outstanding MSU Extension Specialist Award, the Beal Outstanding Faculty Award from MSU, and the Master Farmer Associate Award from the Michigan Vegetable Council. She has been awarded the Excellence in Extension Award from the American Phytopathological Society and was elected as a Fellow of APS in 2014. The title of Dr. Hausbeck’s presentation was “A smorgasbord of vegetable diseases is on today’s menu”.