Peter Balint-Kurti

Peter Balint-Kurti, USDA Professor
North Carolina State University
Department of Plant Pathology
2572 Thomas Hall, CB 7616
Raleigh, NC 27695-7616
(919) 515-3516 (Office) | (919) 515-7376 (Lab) | (919) 856-4816 (Fax)
Lab: 2574 Thomas Hall
Research Interests

Quantitative disease resistance, also known as partial disease resistance, confers a level of resistance that is less than complete but is usually effective in protecting yield. Quantitative resistance is poorly understood in plants in general despite the fact that it is the most durable and widely used form of genetic resistance deployed in agriculture.

I and my research group are interested in  quantitative disease resistance in maize.  Specifically we are interested in the genetic and mechanistic underpinnings of natural variation in maize quantitative resistance.  Maize is a model genetic system and many resources are available with which we can address this problem.  We hope that findings made in maize can be extrapolated to other plant systems

We also work in related areas including:

– Genetic analysis of the maize defense response.
– Resistance to maize root pathogens .
– Basal resistance in maize.
– Multiple disease resistance in maize.
– Developing a robust method for gene silencing in maize.

More details of our research can be found at our home page:

  • Ph.D. Sainsbury Laboratory, John Innes Institute, Norwich, UK, 1994. “Genetic mapping and analysis of two tomato genes for resistance to Cladosporium fulvum.”
  • BA (Plant molecular biology) – Cambridge University, UK, 1990.

I co-teach the class “Plant Disease Resistance: Mechanism & Application”, offered every 2nd Spring semester (even years).

Extension & Outreach

We have an active outreach program involving work with local elementary and middle schools and with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. For more details see my website (  If you would like me to come to talk to your class or group please contact me at the address above.

Selected Publications
Refereed Journals


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