Plant Pathology GSA


The Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association (PPGSA) is a departmental organization developed to act as a liaison between the graduate students and the faculty of the Department of Plant Pathology, assist in departmental functions when called upon to do so, and to offer suggestions to the department head concerning the improvement of departmental policies and procedures.



Special interests of the PPGSA are recruitment and orientation of new graduate students, improvement of facilities and curriculum, development of activities to improve cohesiveness of the graduate student body within the department, and outreach to community groups. To address these objectives, the PPGSA is very involved in departmental events such as seminar and symposia speaker selection, hosting students recruited by the department, coordinating departmental academic and social events, and implementing programs to educate growers, extension agents, master gardeners, and students of all ages.


Rosie Perez Seminar

The Rosie Perez Seminar is an important annual symposium hosted by the PPGSA, in which a notable scientist in plant pathology or a related area is invited by the students to give a presentation on their research. The seminar is named in memory of Rosie Perez, a former student who died from cancer. Past speakers for the event include Dr. Bonnie Bassler from Princeton University in 2013 and Steven Koike from the University of California Cooperative Extension in 2014. Our speaker for 2015 is Dr. Mary Hausbeck who will speak on diseases of vegetables. Her talk is entitled “A Smorgasbord of Vegetable Diseases is on Today’s Menu” and will be given at the J. C. Ralston Aboretum at 10:30AM on Wednesday, March 25th.

If you are interested in becoming a student in the Plant Pathology Department, or would like more information on PPGSA activities, please contact one of our association officers.

Graduate Student Association Officers 2015-2016

  • President: Alyssa Koehler
  • Vice President and Treasurer: Andrew Scruggs
  • Social Chair: Bri Hoge
  • Secretary: Nathan Miller
  • Recruitment Officer: Casey Ruark
  • UGSA Representative: Megan Miller
  • Alt UGSA Representative: Jing Jin
  • Electronic Communications: Ben VanRyzin
  • PPSNC Student Representative: Michael Cannon