Marci Walker, Assistant to the Department Head, (919) 515-6498

Wendy Koch, Business Services Coordinator, (919) 515-6677

Elizabeth Wyatt, Course & Event Scheduler, (919) 513-1343

Angela Woodard, Graduate Student Coordinator, (919) 515-2703

Bryan Cody, Academic Support & Facilities Manager, (919) 515-6695


Whom do I contact about…?

Hiring – EPA & SPA,  SAR Requests  Marci Walker
Financials & Account Set-Up and Management,
Deposits, Invoices, Salary Redistributions
Wendy Koch
Course & Event Scheduling, Web Leave & FMLA, Facebook Content,
KABA, Seminar logistics, Visiting Scholars
Keys, Website Content, Surplus, Telephone Problems, Temporary Loading Zone Passes,
Vehicle (Insurance, Gas, and other Information), Internet Connections and Basic Computer and Printer Issues, Room Reservations, Keys and Electronic Building Access
Bryan Cody