Research in the department focuses across three broad areas:

Microbial Ecology and Epidemiology research encompasses important soilborne and foliar pathosystems, microbial biodiversity, microbial communities, and pathogen dynamics in plant populations.

Host-Parasite Interactions and Genomics research, from molecular and cellular to organismal and population scales, is at the forefront of molecular genetics and plant-microbe interactions for all pathogen groups.  Specific strengths are in the biology of compatible plant-pathogen interactions, classical phytopathology, pathogen genetics and genomics.

Diagnosis, Forecasting and Disease Management research focuses on the development of new diagnostic techniques, integration of epidemiology and weather models for forecasting, and traditional and innovative methods for disease management.

The goal of all our research in the department is the mitigation of crop loss due to plant disease through multiple approaches that are ecologically-based and sustainable.